Rose quartz and Swarovski necklace


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Genuine Rose quartz and Swarovski crystal necklace measures 18”. The Swarovski crystals are clear and pink.
There is also a matching bracelet!

Rose Quartz……In matters of the heart, rose quartz reigns supreme. This beautiful pink gemstone gets its name from its soft color and heart-healing energy. Like many healing gemstones, it has been used for thousands of years; but it was always prized for its feminine essence.

The ancient Egyptians loved to use these types of stones, and this one was no exception. Believing it beautified the wearer, they actually had entire masks made of rose quartz made in order to prevent wrinkles and create a clear complexion. Tibet and China also prized its soft energy, and often used it for carvings of spiritual beings or characters in romantic stories.

Healing Properties
Physical- For many years, rose quartz has been used to soothe irritated skin, especially in the case of burns or blisters. It aids in relaxation, relieving tension, and stress, helping to create regular heart rhythms.
Emotional- Rose quartz is especially effective in this area. It’s known for helping the wearer get through challenging times of sorrow or pain. It helps to dissolve the old painful memories blocking new love from entering.
Spiritual- Since this is a heart stone, its use for spiritual healing is mainly focused on the heart chakra. It helps to balance the energy there, and bring about an opening of blocked energy.
Rose quartz also inspires the love of nature and the imagination; it’s considered to be wonderful for music, art, and writing.


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